Direct Selling Demo

Please find few sample questions for a brief demo:-

  • What is direct selling?
    • What is DS?
    • What do you mean by Direct Selling?
  • Laws under which ds comes
    • Are there any government laws for ds
  • Is Pinnacle a Registered Company?
    • Are you a genuine company?
    • How to know you are not a fraud company?
  • Do you have the license to sell the product?
    • Are you legally selling the products?
  • Do I need to pay money to join Pinnacle?
    • Will I get some money to join Pinnacle Business?
  • Difference between ds and e-commerce
    • How are you different from e-commerce?
    • Are you an e-commerce company?
  • Are you really a MNC level company?
    • Do you really make big profits and I can benefit by becoming your agent?
  • How much time do I need to give to Pinnacle business?
    • Can I do Pinnacle’s Business as part-time?
    • kitna paisa lagega partner banne main?
  • How to Become a Pinnacle Business Owner?
    • How to become your partner

This is a demo page to let people take the demo of the Bot designed specifically to meet the online chat support need of Direct Selling Industry.

The bot has been trained in a way that it could attend all the possible queries which could be asked either by the sellers or the buyers who are interested in getting associated with the organization.

It is highly customizable and various different fields could be added to address all the queries!