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CampusEnrol is a Customized CRM for the Educational Organization to simplify the admission cycle starting from queries to enrollment. It is, an automation package which can help you get extraordinary outcomes with the integrated solution for all the admission related operations in the institute.

It has a powerful range of features to facilitate the major process required in any admission cycle. It marks the entry of generated queries (from n number of sources) in the system and store them at one place. It also allows the assigning of those leads to different counselors for instant follow-ups.

It is a highly extensible and scalable, which is developed with the state-of-the-art web-based technologies. It also allows its users to access it anywhere on any device, anytime, making it sustainable for everyone to access it as per their need.



Address Enrollment Needs with One System


No Manipulation
of Data

Payment Option

Individual Profile
of Students


Fee Record

Integrate with
IVR Calls

Funneling of

Search Bar


Send Emails

End- Term

Assignment & Pending
Task Reminders

Online Documents

Multi- Levels

Maintain a
Consultant Bank

How Does It Work?

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Why CampusEnrol?


The users can access the system from anywhere, anytime through any device provided the internet connectivity is available. It leads to prompt responses and time saving.

Easy Monitoring

The system allows the monitoring of each and every individual involved and track their work and progress. The managers could also track the performance of third party websites integrated with the system.


Real time reporting allows the manager to analyze and evaluate the data at any point of time and take decisions leading to better ROI.


The cost involved in managing all the resources deployed in handling different operations of admission cycle is saved by using just one system for all.

Better Results

Since, there is no manipulation of data involved  it leads to improved performance of the counsellors. As a result of which it leads to higher conversion and proper data analysis.

Higher Efficiency

PinnacleVision provides a consistent response time irrespective of the number of requests its receives concurrently. The application latency remains the same, even if the request volume increases by ten times.

100+ Happy Clients

  • We use the services of PinnacleWorks, for external and internal projects from time to time. They are committed in delivering quality projects and customer satisfaction which is of utmost importance. Hope they continue meeting our expectations with their out of the box thinking and works.

    Niraj Davar
    Niraj Davar Director, Channel Technologies
  • I have known Ankit and Sarvagya from past 6 years. They have worked with me and my team on various projects when it came to technology. The technical consulting and services provided by them was incomparable. A major credit of our success goes to them. I highly recommend them to any firm.

    Ashish Co-Founder, MilkBasket
  • I’d like to share how happily surprised I am with the professionalism, communication and the overall positive manner I experienced at PinnacleWorks. While I always expect to be treated well for service that I pay for, I am all too often underwhelmed with the services I receive. Cheers to team PinnacleWorks!

    Jeet Marwadi
    Jeet Marwadi Marwadi University
  • Am I satisfied with Superbot? Well yes, I am, but more than the superbot I must put on record that it is the people behind that makes it work all the more. Superbot is a real-time mirror of your brand equity and also a superb interactive tool for your consumers. The accuracy of the data that one gets from is what makes it a must-have on your web presence. My heartiest congratulations to the crack team of Superbot and as they are aware, we are with them for a long long time.

    Vishwas Gautam
    Vishwas Gautam Head of Marketing Communications, MIET Group of Institutions
  • We are happy with the deliverables of Superbot as it redefined the conversations and accelerated the effort of team REVA! This interactive tool adds value to chats by engaging the user with personalized responses. I would like to emphasize that it should be an integral part on a website as it is a great scaffold for the accuracy of data. Congratulations, Team Pinnacle!

    Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni
    Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni Vice-Chancellor, REVA University