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Getting Started with Amazon Ads

To start advertising on Amazon you’ll first need to sign into your seller or vendor account.



Promote the products you sell on with KEYWORD TARGETED ADS. You pay only when your ad is clicked.


What Are Amazon Text Ads?

In order to bridge the gap between Product Ads and other Amazon seller services, the platform has released Text Ads. Text Ads utilize keyword-based targeting.

The ads show on all devices and are displayed in three areas, including:

  • Below search results
  • Browse results
  • Product detail pages


Amazon text ads


Currently, Amazon CPC (cost/click) is extremely low. We’re talking in the range of Rs.6.62 to  Rs.13.25.  In Google platform, you may bid Rs.49.68 for a keyword. If your ad shows on Amazon as a third party website ad and it is clicked, then you have the potential to pay Rs.49.68. But if you are bidding on that same keyword through Amazon Text Ads, then you’ll pay much less.

Campaign Setup Process For Amazon Text Ads:

  1. Firstly, we have to create an ad campaign by clicking on the CREATE CAMPAIGN button.
  2.  You’ll then name your campaign as per your choice. Provide your campaign with an average daily budget (the minimum budget allowed is $1 or Rs 66.25), and set an end date, if you wish to run your Amazon Text Ad for a specific duration.
  3. Providing the keyword and setting up it’s bid is the most important step. There is a lot of competition among brands to list their products on the top of the relevant searches made by the targeted customers. The higher the bid, higher will be your chances to list your products on top positions. Then you have to provide a set of keywords in which you would like your products to appear if this keyword is searched. Now, there is three Match Type in which you could choose to put your keywords into.



Match Types:

Depending Upon match type the bid may differ : 

-Exact Match: Under this match category, your products will be listed if and only if the exact same keyword is searched by the prospective customers.

-Broad Match: Used to display ads to individuals on a broad basis. This means that your keyword(s) will be matched to search terms that not only match your keyword but are also related to your keyword. This might include synonyms, misspellings, and variations of your keyword.

-Phrase Match:  Your ad can show when a shopper searches for your exact keyword or your exact keyword with additional words before or after it.




Other Points To Keep in Mind:

  • You can add negative keywords in exact, phrase, and broad match in both campaign and ad group levels
  • You can set mobile bid adjustments (sorry, no tablets!) at the campaign and ad group levels
  • There isn’t an option to write mobile specific ads so keep that in mind if you target mobile devices
  • You’ll need to add tracking parameters to your URLs to view post-click data in Google Analytics (or whatever Analytics platform you are using)
  • You can also upload AdWords campaign in bulk by using the “Bulk Operations” tab.

Conversion Tracking:

Amazon does provide a conversion tracking pixel. You can choose to implement partial conversion tracking (which will only report the numbers of conversions) or you can implement the full code which will dynamically track revenue and the purchased products. You can choose to copy the code or email to your developer while identifying the website’s technology.