In Technology

We live in a world, now, where we prefer doing almost everything online, from shopping to dating, to even learning, getting food etc. We have apps for literally everything, even the ones that count our walked steps every day! We see and hear about such apps, download them, use them, rate them, and if we like them, we keep them.


In such an era of digitalization, app development has become a really major sector of the world economy today. So much so, that the right app can earn you fame, recognition, and money almost overnight. Needless to say, thus, that apps are now a very trending affair amongst people of all age groups, who are trying every day to create apps that are totally unique and really special.

In such a case if the app gets thrashed, especially when major OS developers, like Google and Apple, have provided public forums for us to give our feedback and reviews, obviously it will not feel good. And as much as someone tells you that positives and negatives are two sides of the same coins, it does make up for the hours and hours of coding, development, discussion, debates, designing etc., that have gone into the making of the app.

But, at the end of the day, it is impossible to please every single user. There will be a few negative reviews no matter what, and you have to deal with them. This blog is to make the latter part, i.e., dealing with them, a lot easier.

Here’s how!

  • Maintain professionalism:

The first, very basic, step would be to make sure that you maintain professionalism. Despite any review and the way it has been showcased, you cannot let go of the little business etiquettes!

  • Get Smart:

    Once you are in the zone where you can deal with negative reviews with the required courtesy, you need to find out the reviews that need to be dealt with! What this means is that while some people have written genuine issues that they’ve faced, some of the others would have just taken a dump!

  • Accept, Acknowledge, Apologize:

    Once you’ve found out the reviews that need to be dealt with, you need to understand that these are the people who’ve used their own time to tell you what is going wrong with your app. You need to understand that they could’ve migrated to some other app, but instead they spent their time giving you something to work upon. With a little bit of empathy, understand that they were genuinely into the app and were let down. So, accept the fault, acknowledge their grievance/discomfort, and add a formal apology.

  • Stay Level-Headed:

    Once you’ve done the above, you need to understand that just because there was a fault with the app, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. You need to keep calm and understand what went wrong with the app and the reviewer and you need to fix it. It is as simple as that. You cannot get over dramatic and let your morale off to dogs!

  • Follow-back:

    Ask your reviewer to connect personally with something like “Just drop a ‘Hi!’ at and someone from our side will contact you within 24 hours”. Once the issue has been resolved, get back with a mail or a reply, thanking them for their review and informing them about the fix. They would feel very special!

Keep following these, and just hang in there! Happy App-ing!